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Here at Innfinnity, we have been listening to you! We understand the frustration that arises with some of the large companies that currently supply internet to our friends in the apartment communities. Our focus is on delivering reliable, high speed internet at speeds that makes sense to you. Most of the time you are paying a high price for a large amount of internet access that you don’t use! That only benefits the supplier, not you! We here at Innfinnity think the choice should be yours.


When we say the choice should be yours, we mean it! You can choose any of our high speed internet packages and see if it’s right for you. Maybe you signed up for our basic package and you find out you need more download speed. No problem. Just send us an email or give us a call and we will upgrade you to the next higher speed package. No hidden fees, no contracts, no hassle. It is the same if you think you have too much internet, we will be happy to downgrade you to the next package. No hidden fees. No contracts.

Delivering high-speed internet to your community

Call (888) 894-7016 for more information

Innfinnity is an emerging force in Digital Streaming TV & high-speed internet services in the Mid-West, serving customers in communities in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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