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About Us

Innfinnity is an emerging force in the high-speed internet and digital streaming video services in the Mid-West, serving customers in communities in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

With corporate offices in Ohio, Innfinnity has assembled a diverse and experienced management team. This team and all Innfinnity employees share a passion for doing things right and delighting our customers with friendly, quality service and affordable prices.

Owned and operated by local industry leaders, Innfinnity supports its customers with decades of I.T. know-how. Its mission is to provide 100% of its cable systems with the latest technologies and upgrades including high-speed internet, digital streaming services, DVR, HDTV, and TV On Demand services.

Innfinnity strives to link customers to what they enjoy most at competitive prices. Our customers choose from a variety of money-saving packages and receive valuable discounts when combining multiple services. We also provide 24-hour local, professional service and support, 7 days a week.

Innfinnity is continually improving our products and services, as well as being an active contributor to the success of our serviced communities through charitable events and programs. If you have any questions about Innfinnity or the services it provides, please contact us.

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